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Do You Need Addiction Treatment?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, millions of Americans struggle with addiction each year. Unfortunately, many people who abuse drugs or alcohol don’t realize that their drug abuse is a problem. If you suspect you may be struggling with an addiction, keep reading to learn how to know when you need addiction treatment in your life.

90210 Recovery is a luxury drug rehab in Beverly Hills that is committed to helping clients safely and effectively achieve long-term sobriety. We offer a comprehensive range of addiction treatment programs so you can receive the exact care that you need for your road to recovery. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best support your recovery journey. 

5 Signs You Need to Seek Professional Addiction Treatment

There’s a difference between abusing a substance once and struggling with long-term addiction. Below are several signs you need to look out for if you’ve been wondering if you need addiction treatment.

1. Denial that You Have a Problem

First, if you are in denial that you have a drug problem, or if you are constantly trying to hide your substance use from friends and family, this may be a sign you need addiction treatment. Many individuals struggling with addiction deny and make excuses for their drug habits because they don’t understand how negatively addiction is hurting their health and quality of life. They also may deny their addiction because they don’t want friends and family to worry about their drug problem. 

2. Unable to Stop Abusing Drugs

If you find you are unable to quit abusing drugs, even despite a conscious effort to quit, this is a clear sign you need addiction treatment. Addiction is a debilitating condition that can be extremely difficult to break free from all on your own. That’s why, if you are struggling with drug addiction, it’s critical you seek professional support so you can safely and effectively detox and break free of addiction for good. 

3. Rise in Tolerance

If you notice you are constantly abusing more and more of a drug to achieve the same desired effect, this is another sign you need addiction treatment. A rise in tolerance indicates that your body is becoming more and more used to consuming your drug of choice. A growing tolerance makes it that much more difficult for you to quit abusing the drug, as your body will eventually learn to expect the drug. Along with this tolerance, you may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop abusing drugs. 

4. Engaging in Riskier Behavior

Next, if you find you are engaging in riskier behavior, this may be another sign you are struggling with addiction and are in need of addiction treatment. Addiction can alter your behavior in such a way that you can easily become irritable and impulsive. Therefore, if you are engaging in riskier activities that you didn’t use to participate in prior to your substance abuse, this may be another indicator you have a drug problem. 

5. You’ve Tried to Quit But Have Been Unsuccessful 

Last but not least, if you’ve tried to quit and get clean but were unsuccessful in your attempt, you should seek help from an addiction treatment center. This is because it is extremely difficult to get sober all on your own. At an addiction treatment center, you’ll receive professional care to best support your unique recovery needs. 

Top-Rated Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Beverly Hills 

If you find yourself unable to control your drug abuse, and it is negatively impacting your health and quality of life, you are likely struggling with an addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it’s critical you seek professional support to help you find a path to recovery. 

90210 Recovery is a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Los Angeles that provides personalized care to best support each client’’s recovery needs. We offer a wide variety of treatment options and programs to ensure you receive the unique care that you need to best support your road to recovery. Contact us today!



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