Alcohol rehab facility in Derry TownshipAlcohol and drug addiction are some of the cruelest and prevalent mental illnesses. As a country, we are headed in the right direction when it comes to mental health issues. Many more people are now aware of the many types of mental illnesses and workplaces are now providing support for people that are suffering from these illnesses. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction is still misunderstood.

At 90210 Recovery, we provide the much-needed solutions for people of Derry that are struggling with addiction and have nowhere to turn to. We are here for those that are experiencing problems they don’t know how to deal with. Located in Beverly Hills, California, we are available for your every need and will be glad to hold your hand through your recovery.

Our rehabilitation center provides a wide range of treatment programs that are designed uniquely and individually for your needs. Our holistic approach towards healing is bent on healing the body, spirit, and mind.

Mental Health and Addiction

While addiction to some substances can be dangerous and life-threatening, having to deal with any type of addiction is generally a nasty experience and could pose long-term effects on the general health of the body and the mind.

Addiction and mental health go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, people suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety, bipolarity, and depression sometimes have no idea that they are sick or that they require medical attention. Some that know they are sick are either too embarrassed or ashamed to admit to having a problem.

In an attempt to deal with these problems by themselves, they self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. What begins as a short term solution to their problems eventually spirals into a desperate addiction.

In the same way that people use drugs to self-medicate, many people turn to alcohol to numb their pain caused by mental health issues. When drinking becomes a regular habit to help you feel more confident and less anxious, it starts to change the chemical balance in the brain. Eventually, the brain starts to recognize alcohol as the substance that eases trauma, stress, and negative emotions.

In the absence of alcohol, your feelings of stress and emotions are even stronger and you start drinking more to curb these feelings. Many people that are addicted to alcohol often feel depressed and irritable and anxiety and stress become difficult to deal with without resorting to alcohol.

This is why at the 90210 Recovery Center, therapy is a major treatment option where our trained and experienced psychologists explore and assess your relationship between addiction and mental health. Under the supervision of our staff, you are monitored and are made comfortable in our luxury accommodation. 

Why Does Addiction Require Alcohol Rehab?

Derry Township rehab services The recovery process is daunting and challenging and should not be attempted alone. Attempting this process alone puts you at more risk of relapsing and even experiencing life-threatening consequences.

When individuals realize the realities of their addiction, it is normally too late and many things usually have gone south such as strained relationships with loved ones, careers are affected, and bridges have been burned.

In our safe and secure environment, you are surrounded by a team of therapists and doctors that help you through the initial detox phase. They take you through this process safely and without risking your life. 

Gradually, and with the use of medication when required, your body begins to function without alcohol in it.

We employ a holistic approach that involves eating balanced, healthy, and nutritious food to heal the physical body. We also use treatments like yoga and meditation for the spirit and different types of therapies for the mind. All these are geared towards making the recovery process a success.

90210 Recovery’s Rehab Process

When you finally decide to contact 90210 Recovery, you will be taking the most important step towards recovery. A therapist will take you through a full assessment to help design an individualized treatment plan for you. 

Our warm and friendly staff will check you into our center where you will be settled into our comfortable, spacious, and private rooms.

 It is now time for a detox. You will thereafter be treated through our highly successful alcohol rehab programs. Reach out to us today and start your recovery.

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