Drug Addiction CortlandtThere are so many facilities that offer many drug and alcohol treatment programs, and it can be overwhelming to have to choose one that best suits you. Despite the type of program you choose, ensure that it offers an individualized kind of approach in achieving recovery. 

Seeking treatment closer home may be a preference for many but if you are easily triggered by the environment and company you keep, it is best to seek treatment outside your home area. At the 90210, we will make you feel at home with our state of the art amenities and programs that are individualized to treat your specific addiction. 

We offer around the clock care for our patients and guarantee their comfort once they enroll with us. Join us if you want to live a drug-free life.

Cortlandt Drug Detox Programs

Before joining a residential/ Inpatient drug rehab program, you will be expected to go through withdrawal once you stop using drugs.

 These withdrawal symptoms are sometimes very uncomfortable and unpleasant. It is recommended to undergo a medical detox program to make sure that you are under supervision and you are closely monitored by a team of professionals that will accord you help and administer drugs to ease the discomfort.

Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment, Cortlandt

Drug treatment centers CortlandtIf you are struggling with severe addiction, your main focus should be on enrolling in an inpatient drug rehab facility. At a residential treatment center, you are provided with 24-hour monitoring and supervision to guarantee your safety. You are also assured of the full support of your peers and guidance from the team of professionals.

Residential treatment programs offer services such as family therapy, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other treatment options. Inpatient drug facilities also offer amenities such as a pool, yoga facilities, and a pool.

What is Individual Drug Addiction Therapy?

Also referred to as talk therapy or psychotherapy this is a one-on-one session usually with a mental health professional that is conducted in a confidential, caring and safe environment.

Individual counseling helps a great deal in dealing with aspects of your addiction such as career and school difficulties, parenting, relationship, or marriage challenges anxiety, depression, anger, and grief.

Advantages of Individual Drug Addiction Therapy

  • Duration-While the length or frequency of a session depends on your unique needs, regular sessions last up to an hour and can be scheduled once a week.
  • Privacy- A session is conducted in an environment where the privacy and confidentiality of a patient are assured.
  • Confidentiality: A therapy session is most effective when one can be honest and open about their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. A therapist is bound to uphold confidentiality and not judge.

Drug Addiction Therapy, Cortlandt

There is no such thing as one size fits all treatment when it comes to treating addiction. Factors such as the extent of exposure, stress, trauma, environment, genetics, and age make everyone’s case unique. A therapist may use several approaches to different patients. 

You may be required to talk about your experiences which help you get insight into how they influenced your addiction. A therapist may also use contingency management where you talk about;

  • Goals for the future
  • Applying new coping mechanisms
  • Withdrawal and craving symptom
  • Personal relationships
  • Challenges of sobriety.
  • Recovery process

A session is always concluded by setting goals for the near future such as implementing a new recovery activity or attending a meeting.

Relationship Between Mental Health and Drug Addiction

Addiction to illegal drugs brings about very adverse effects on the mental health of an individual. It has been discovered that some people start using drugs to help them cope with their mental health symptoms, while others experience these mental health issues as a result of substance use.

 Treating a disorder and ignoring another can lead to relapse. For example, treating alcoholism in a patient without treating their anxiety disorder may lead to relapsing and drinking again once the anxiety resurfaces.

Dual Diagnosis and Addiction 

These are the symptoms to look out for in a patient to determine if they are experiencing dual diagnosis.

Substance Abuse

Cortlandt drug detox programs

  • Tolerance to alcohol or drugs effects
  • Withdrawal symptoms experienced when trying to stop substance use.
  • Lack of control over drug use 
  • Unexpected behavioral changes
  • Isolating oneself from family and friends
  • Taking unnecessary risks

Mental Health Disorders

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Lack of concentration
  • Confusion
  • Isolation from social activities and friends
  • Mood changes

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A drug rehab center that recognizes the need for an individualized treatment plan is the best choice of facility. Focusing on an individual’s specific needs will help them recover faster than using a generalized treatment method. At the 90210 recovery center, we understand that each individual is unique and should be treated uniquely.

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