Concord is a town located in the county of Cabarrus, in the western part of North Carolina. With a population of over 80,000, the city is home to the most revered attractions in the “Tar Heel” province. The Charlotte Motor Speedway, for example, is based in Concord and hosts NASCAR racing that normally draws fans massively.

Concord, however, faces its own set of problems – alcohol and substance addiction being one of its most significant problems. Prescription opiates, fentanyl, and other narcotics are freely available in various areas of the region, and while municipal police work overtime to fight the crisis, more aggressive steps are being undertaken by the Concord government to mitigate the epidemic.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Concord, North Carolina

 concord rehabilitationMost residents in North Carolina who are dealing with drug abuse typically began with opioid drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin, which may be medically prescribed for chronic pain. Unfortunately, such strong pills may be addictive and then graduate to more powerful opioids like heroin until they build stronger resistance. In Concord, other frequently misused opioids are Percocet and Fentanyl.

The largest challenge facing Concord in its battle against the opioid crisis is the dedication to the care of those affected.

There is a deep-seated social stigma against people recovering from drug dependence, and this keeps them from seeking care. 

However, alcohol abuse is a chronic condition typically associated with other problems, such as addiction, and should be handled as such.

If you live in Concord and have a drug use disorder, consider reaching a licensed therapist. You may also get assistance from the reputable 90210 Recovery facility who provides various types of recovery services for people dealing with alcohol and drug abuse as explained below.

  • Residential Treatment Programs

Often known as inpatient services, residential programs provide patients with housing for the full length of their care. With inpatient opioid recovery at 90210 Recovery, patients have access to round-the-clock care facilities and our treatment options often include counseling and related education and a 12-step program.

  • Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) allow those in rehab to attend events during the day and then head home for the night. They are a more versatile option compared to inpatient services, but care is equivalent, and they both provide treatment and a 12-step program.

  • Outpatient Treatment Programs

drug rehabilitation centreOutpatient addiction rehabilitation at 90210 Recovery is suitable for people with minor substance dependence measures or those who have previously completed inpatient recovery services. It’s because they also leave people in treatment vulnerable to an unstable setting, and it’s up to them to show restraint. However, they are the cheapest and most versatile.

You can see all these levels of recovery services at 90210 Recovery, where we provide all three inside the same building.

Also, it would be prudent to determine whether the drug dependence condition is acute or moderate since long-term drug addiction calls for comprehensive residential care because outpatient services can be of little benefit in this situation.

Concord Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Detoxification is typically the first step of the treatment of opioid use, which eliminates toxic elements from the bloodstream. While this is an essential process, detoxification is typically a challenging procedure and may end up taking a toll on the patient physically and lead to a relapse.

Many people suffering from addiction are recommended to go to approved rehabilitation centers for detoxification, such as 90210 Recovery since unmonitored detoxification can be lethal. The medically induced detoxification available at 90210 Recovery center is designed to counter withdrawal effects and extreme intoxication.

It is generally achieved in three steps:

  •         Diagnosis of the patient,
  •         Recovery (when the prescription is prescribed), and, ultimately,
  •         Facilitating the entrance into addiction treatment.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Concord

Achieving full recovery and being able to fully withdraw from drug abuse requires a great deal of determination on the part of the recovering user. There are, though, programs in place to support you along the way.

Recovery sessions are intended to hold people in recovery steadfast in their search for a drug-free lifestyle. A variety of rehabilitation services, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Opioid Anonymous, are available in Concord. Find an appropriate program to help you stay motivated on the road to healing.

Contact 90210 Recovery today

 drug rehab counselorFor those who are seeking drug or alcohol rehab in Concord, there are a plethora of options available. It may also be smart to explore additional options in the surrounding states like 90210 Recovery who have been ranked among the best rehab facilities in the region. 

At 90210 Recovery, our experience and expertise in recovery therapies are unrivaled. Confidentiality is ensured while inpatient accommodation at our luxury suits overlooking Beverly Hills and outpatient services are available for both males and females.

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