concord rehabilitationOpioid prescriptions in Concord County have been dropping since 2016, but the county has also seen a high number of emergency room visits (11 per 100,000) in 2018. Other drug data include the following:

  •         82 people in Concord County died of an overdose of opioids in 2018.
  •         An extra 86 people were treated for drug overdoses in the county in 2018.
  •         16 percent of Concord people engaged in binge drinking in 2019 and 29 percent of road crash deaths were related to alcohol.

90210 Recovery Addiction Treatment Center

For those with drug abuse problems, locating the best alcohol care facility can be a problem. You need personalized care in a safe environment from professional therapists, and you want to leave therapy equipped with tools for long-lasting sobriety.

At 90210 Rehab, we deliver a range of drug care services on our stunning Beverly Hills campus overlooking the serene views of Los Angeles. Every person in our care receives a unique recovery plan, and preparing for the future is also a core component of our therapeutic services.

At 90210 Recovery, we deliver the following programs:

  • Men’s Recovery Facility – Find inspiration in peer support for gender-specific rehabilitative care
  • Women’s Recovery Facility – Start healing in a supportive environment where you can explore past pain and drug abuse with others.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program – At our most intensive stage of recovery, you will continue to learn the skills required for long-term sobriety.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – Find the support you need as you take steps towards independence
  • Outpatient Program – An extra resource and layer of accountability as you take care of your everyday responsibilities

Our Luxurious Addiction Treatment Center in Beverly Hills

drug rehabilitation centreAlthough each of our programs is different, they all have a focus on some similar aspects of recovery as spelled out below;

  • Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs

o   Before you initiate a long-term rehabilitation regimen, you can need a detox program to help the body deal with the physiological symptoms of withdrawal.

o   Removal of alcohol and drugs can be distressing and challenging. However, our detox therapies provide medical supervision that is intended to minimize detox effects and keep you as relaxed as possible while your body responds to being rid of drugs.

  • Inpatient treatment for addiction

o   Inpatient treatment programs, commonly described as residential rehabilitation, includes a 24-hour healthy, compassionate, and substance-free atmosphere. 90210 Recovery Inpatient Program offers evidence-based counseling and other activities that will help you develop sober living skills.

o   You will be part of our therapeutic environment that works on your rehabilitation while you receive an individualized treatment regimen. You should also take part in gender-specific therapy and take care of co-occurring physical and mental health needs.

  • Outpatient Treatment

o   Outpatient treatment programs can meet as infrequently as two to three days a week for an hour at a time. The more repeated the sessions, the more intense the therapy is. Outpatient services incorporate evidence-based client and group therapy with training and peer support.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

Methadone, buprenorphine, and Naloxone are FDA-approved medications that can help people recover from addiction.

90210 Recovery provides Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) which includes medical therapy to help reduce drug cravings and promote healing. You can receive MAT as part of an inpatient or an outpatient treatment program.

  • Aftercare planning

drug rehab counselorAt 90210 Recovery, we aim to help each person in our treatment learn how to cope with triggers and stress. When they leave our program, they will have the resources and techniques they need to conquer their cravings and continue their recovery. We’re trying to optimize the amount of time you’re in a healthy, stable, recovery-focused living community.

There will always be stressors in the universe, however, our experienced therapists will help you develop the capacity to cope with them. You will restore a meaningful, rewarding life without alcohol or drugs.

  • Safe environment

By visiting 90210 Recovery in Beverly Hills, you will have access to an organized, clean, and healthy healing environment. Any person in care needs to be sober and concentrate on rehabilitation. By constructive engagement, you will start building and developing meaningful day-to-day rituals and focus on the life skills that you will need for the next phase of early rehabilitation.

  • Preventing relapse

We know that new stumbling blocks can emerge in the path as problems begin to be overcome. Aftercare preparation will rely heavily on presenting you with ideas, tools, and solutions to solve these problems in a safe, meaningful manner.

Plan Your Rehab, Turn Your Life to 90210 Recovery

When you or someone you care for has been dealing with alcohol addiction or mental health issues, don’t wait. Get acquainted with an addiction counselor like the ones at 90210 Recovery. We have competent staff who provide a holistic, evidence-based approach to treatment.  

Our mission is to ensure you recover from alcohol and drugs and the wellbeing of your body, spirit, and mind. Call us today at (844) 462-8571 and discover our wide range of alcohol rehab programs ranging from residential inpatient care, detoxification, and aftercare.

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