Brighton rehabilitation clinicsWhen struggling with addiction, it is necessary for an individual to receive round-the-clock care in a residential setting

Residential treatment permits patients to be detached from their former environments, far from any undesirable relations to alcohol or drugs and lets them evade temptation and to concentrate on recovery. Recovering addicts who live in our rehab center receive continuous care and support. At 90210 Recovery we have discovered that this constructive atmosphere encourages a healthy changeover to a sober and clean life.

Our Recovery programs focus on the specific requirements of patients in treatment. This focused attention is one of the things that sets 90210 Recovery apart from other rehab facilities.
Inpatient treatment offers the following important steps in a patient’s treatment:


This is the process by which an addict’s body is carefully withdrawn from the drug substances to which it is addicted. When an individual abuses alcohol or drugs for a period, toxic substances form in the body. These substances can result in a range of health issues or even death.

Getting these toxic substances from the body is normally the initial step in addiction treatment at 90210 Recovery.  We have a first-class medical detox department that supports patients through withdrawal by means of effective methods and medications. 

A lot of people are justifiably fearful of the process of detox, and emotional pressure is always likely during this serious time. The level of uneasiness an individual might have during this stage can vary from mild to severe. Nevertheless, our professional staff carefully monitors symptoms in each person and treats them accordingly, to eliminate or minimize these effects.

 Patients get day-and-night treatment care in a nurturing and comfortable setting, and we give specialized therapy and drug counseling to help lessen the emotional distress that may go with withdrawal from alcohol and drugs.

Selecting the Rehabilitation Program

Selecting the level of alcohol or rehab treatment you require can be difficult. That is why 90210 Recovery has an expert staff that will assess your addiction history and helps you know the best treatment option for your condition.  We give many different sorts of rehabilitation programs, such as inpatient treatment.

Inpatient Program

Our residential rehab programs are intended for individuals who require to be thoroughly monitored or who are incapable of achieving recovery while residing in their present settings. An inpatient program may be taken if an addict suffers from psychiatric or medical problems or has been incapable of maintaining sobriety after partaking in a less intensive program in the past.  Brighton town drug rehab programs focus on group educational videos and lectures, therapy, rehabilitation counseling, and recreational therapy.

Family Program

Brighton drug and alcohol treatment programsEvery addict treated for drug abuse has family and friends who are also hurt due to them; an individual’s addiction affects six to ten family members or friends.  At 90210 Recovery, we help the addict and also we work with those who care for them.  Our Family Program is intended to help those who are affected by a loved one’s dependence.

When families teach themselves about dependence and get included in the recovery course, it forms a robust support system that aids the addict to maintain and achieve a sober routine. We inspire the friends and families of our patients to participate in special discussion groups, lectures, and private sessions where we can react to their questions and address concerns.

It is imperative for the family to contribute to the program, while their loved one is an inpatient here. The program lets each patient devote time to concerned family members in a helpful and learning setting.

Get Treated Today At 90210 Recovery

90210 Recovery is a luxury addiction and mental health treatment center which is located in Beverly Hills, LA. At 90210 we treat addiction through detoxification, recovery, and mental health repair. We also offer alcohol and substance abuse treatment and dual diagnosis recovery. 

We provide holistic and extensive therapy treatment to allow for complete healing from the addiction. 
If you want to regain sobriety from drug alcohol addiction, feel free to call our medical staff today. 90210 Recovery, are a leader in Addiction and mental health treatment and offer you the best treatment programs. Call us today at (844)462-8571.

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