If you’re looking to get addiction treatment for your drug addiction to begin reclaiming your life from addiction in Brick, NJ, then you are in the right place. 

We will help you in selecting addiction care and treatment programs for a range of drug addiction needs. Search for a perfect Brick, NJ drug and alcohol rehab now, and get rolling on the road to recovery. 

 Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs in Brick, NJ Drug And Alcohol Rehabs

Brick, NJ drug and alcohol rehabMany of the broad categories under the ASAM criteria represent the types and varying levels of treatment severity, primarily in the addiction recovery domain. This includes the following:

  • Detoxification Programs 

Detoxifying from alcohol illegal or prescription medications can be painful and unsafe without proper medical supervision. If you or your loved one is ready to attain a sober and drug-free life, it’s important to seek medical detox to ensure the best possible rehabilitation. 

In case you are looking for a detoxification facility to help you recover from alcoholism or any other substance abuse, there are numerous detox centers in Brick, NJ. 

Looking for a highly-rated drug and alcohol treatment facility, that can help you, a family member or a friend recover from an addiction? 90210 Recovery offers the solution for both drug and alcohol addiction.

Whether you want to begin your sobriety journey from alcohol, Hydromorphone, Demerol, or any other substance you are addicted to, your rehabilitation process doesn’t have to be an isolated one. We offer personalized inpatient programs and outpatient addiction treatment programs, alongside a wealth of other treatment options that can help you with your plan of getting clean.

  • Outpatient Care 

May be accessed from a doctor’s office or other outpatient settings. Outpatient care is similar to the “least intense” end of the care spectrum and is usually reserved for those with the least significant substance dependency problems, strong work expectations, and a comprehensive range of social resources in place. 

Brick Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment can vary from drug education, sober skills training, more regularly scheduled medication and alcohol therapy, and even outpatient recovery services. The period of treatment is variable and depends on the quality of rehabilitation. 

  • Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Inpatient or residential alcohol and drug rehab programs in Brick provide you with a supportive and safe environment 24-hours a day. Inpatient treatment programs include a community of support and evidence-based therapies, both of which help build a strong recovery.

Inpatient rehab treatment programs occur in peaceful and beautiful environments. You can also find programs offering experiences to aid build sober-living skills like equine therapy, wilderness therapy, and music-and-art therapy. 

  • Medically-Assisted-Treatment in Brick Rehab Facility

Addiction treatment facilities offer various programs for substance use disorders and alcohol use disorders treatment. The most important components within these addiction treatment programs are medication-assisted treatment or MAT. 

Inpatients rehabs in Brick, New JerseyWhether you are considering seeking residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), or partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), MAT proves to be an immeasurable tool in recovery from alcohol and substance addiction, particularly to opioids. 

Backed by over 50 years of research, medically assisted treatment, when combined with cognitive-behavioral therapies, has been shown to be effective in the management and treatment of opioid addiction. 

At 90210 Recovery, we understand how vital these medications can be in aiding you to navigate the first stages of recovery. 

Helping to lessen the physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings for a substance, specific medications support you through the most challenging stages of recovery. Once you successfully detoxify, medications are used along with therapy sessions but are always tailored to meet your unique recovery needs and journey. 

Medications used at Brick alcohol and drug rehab include Naltrexone (Vivitrol), methadone, and buprenorphine (Suboxone). There is an incorrect assumption when it comes to medications to help quit using drugs or alcohol. This is that using medication aided treatment replaces one addiction with another.

While any type of medication can be abused, MAT has a proven track record in supporting individuals recovering from substance addictions, particularly opioid addiction. MAT has proven to be effective in decreasing criminal behavior, reducing overdose risks, increasing time in treatment, and is clinically proven to be an effective treatment for substance use disorders.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Time Frame in Brick Rehab Facilities

Detox center in Brick, New JerseyDepending on the nature of your dependency and the severity of the same, you or the person you care about may expect anything from a 28-day inpatient rehab treatment program or even longer-term ones. 

Some forms of addiction can be treated with outpatient programs, while severe cases may demand longer-term inpatient treatment programs. Fortunately, there is always a Brick rehab facility that fits your needs and budget. 

If you or someone you care for has a SUD or AUD our MAT at 90210 Recovery is here to help.  Contact us today to learn more or get started. 

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