Addiction Treatment in Bowling Green

Addiction treatment centersEffective rehab programs are those that don’t offer the same services for all patients. Instead, these programs offer an individualized recovery while making the required periodic adjustments. For instance, the treatment plan can have other services included or changed depending on the kind of care you require or the extent of your progress.

This personalized program, which allows for adjustments, ensures that you receive the right treatment through the recovery process.

 Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs

At the onset of the treatment, the patient has to undergo medical detox. During detox, patients go through withdrawal syndrome. The symptoms range from mild to severe mental and physical symptoms as the body adjusts to staying free from drugs.

The patient can transition safely by enrolling in a detox program. The program offers medical supervision and monitoring in an outpatient or inpatient setting. Detox is most effective in a residential inpatient setting.

 Bowling Green Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment therapySubstance abuse recovery can be a challenge, especially for those who suffer from severe dependency. The inpatient treatment program is the best choice for severe addiction because the patient is under total medical supervision and care.

An inpatient program is conducted in a residential center for as long as the patient is in treatment. While there, the patient gets support from professionals and peers. Inpatient care has a schedule that includes various services, including behavioral therapy, physical exercise, yoga, and other forms of stress management.

Since the patient is kept away from their home surrounding, they can recuperate in a healthy environment with minimal risk of temptations that could lead to relapse. The patients also interact with peers who are undergoing recovery and therapy sessions.

Patients also get to take part in physical undertakings such as swimming, gym, and skills training. The length of treatment may vary from 30 to 90 days.

 Medication-Assisted Treatment in Bowling Green Treatment Centers

Some of the withdrawal symptoms that one may suffer from include severe cravings, muscle spasms, seizures, and many more. A medication-assisted treatment means that the patient is under medical supervision while taking medication to manage withdrawal syndrome. The inpatient program also involves individual and group counseling periods.

 Aftercare and Alumni Services

Drug and alcohol treatment facilityAfter undergoing complete treatment at an addiction treatment center, the patient could experience challenges adjusting to sober living, such as finding employment. Mending the relationships that could have broken due to the addiction can also be a major challenge.

Aftercare and alumni services can give you support because the patient meets other people experiencing the same challenges. Other aftercare services include helping the patient find employment, group therapy, access to sober living homes.

Aftercare goes a long way in helping the addict work on their sobriety. The amount of commitment to aftercare is equivalent to the sustaining power of drug or alcohol abstinence. The meetings help you to remain accountable to the group and yourself, thereby maintaining sobriety.

 Length of Addiction Treatment in Bowling Green

Staying in treatment is important for you to recover, whether you’re in a 30-day program or one that lasts for several weeks or months. Some facilities may offer patients longer stays of six months or more if the therapists feel it is necessary.

Addiction treatment programs that run over a longer period always tend to be more effective than shorter ones. However, shorter programs are available and effective for some patients.

You should carefully consider the treatment options before choosing one. Some of the things to consider before choosing the right program for you are:

  •         The length of time you have had substance use disorder
  •         The  severity of your addiction
  •         Payment options
  •         The number of times that you have undergone addiction treatment previously.

You can also consult with an addiction specialist who can offer advice on the right treatment program.

 Starting Treatment Center 

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