Bowling Green alcohol and drug rehabBowling Green, Kentucky, is the best place to live in the state, It was named the best city in Kentucky for two consecutive years, in 2018 and 2019, by two different magazines. Bowling Green is home to the Mammoth Cave, the world’s longest cave with more than 365 miles of underground passages and many hiking trails.

However, this beautiful city has also been affected by alcohol abuse menace. Overdose related deaths have also risen at an alarming rate to double the national average. Latest statistics have revealed that Bowling Green is among the worst-hit regions in Kentucky with rising overdose cases.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program in Bowling Green

At 90210, we employ an all-inclusive approach to alcohol abuse treatment—medication-assisted treatment alongside evidence-based behavioral treatment to help battle withdrawal symptoms and reduce alcohol dependency.

On arrival, we take you through a complete assessment and analysis to establish your unique needs. After the assessment comes to detox, to expel the poisonous chemicals from your body. The detoxification process is conducted in a safe environment under the regulation of certified and qualified health experts who will help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms and reduce the pain and agony experienced in this recovery phase.

During the individual and group counseling phase, you will understand the underlying reasons for your addiction. Having this insight will help you deal with these issues to avoid relapse.

When you are in the right frame of mind to overcome your addiction and dependency on alcohol, we combine medication-assisted care with evidence-based therapy. You learn how to organize your life through this process and develop important coping abilities, including adopting healthy behavior and habits.

Why you Should Consider Seeking Professional Treatment

Alcohol and drug treatment center, Bowling GreenOur therapy emphasizes helping you learn new life skills and self-care strategies to guide you on remaining sober and avoiding triggers after leaving our facility. 

We also help you to understand the meaning of setting healthy limits and how to stick to them. With this approach, you can build and adhere to a realistic and reliable relapse prevention plan.

If you need a transitional place to stay and get used to life outside residential treatment after completing your therapy sessions, you can stay in one of our Sober Living Homes. 

These programs also attend to recovering addicts who may have slipped back into old addictive behaviors. A comprehensive vetting program determines who is eligible. The individualized plan, processes, and guidelines imposed to provide the requisite consistency required to keep track as the patients move back to mainstream life.

Finally, our Alumni Program offers a robust community of former patients who assist each other by engaging in coordinated activities, setting up local support groups, and sharing their triumphs and challenges. support groups have proven to be a great resource for aftercare.

 Finding the Right Treatment Center for Alcohol Addiction

Bowling Green alcohol and drug rehabTherapy sessions are critical to identifying your underlying addiction issues.

At 90210 Recovery, the medical and auxiliary staff are all certified and seasoned professionals in their fields. On top of that, all your fellow recovering patients are thoroughly vetted, which allows us to build a community where everyone aims at one goal, full recovery. At our facility, help from your caregivers and fellow patients offers you a massive support base for a life of sobriety.

Our peaceful facilities and all-round care and assistance offer a conducive atmosphere for the rehabilitation process, whether in residential treatment or long-term care. While you will be away from home, you will be in a culture that knows what you are going through better than anyone else, and your family will still visit.

Quit Alcohol Abuse Today

During drug and alcohol addiction, do not hesitate to take the first steps towards healing and find hope. Our facility is always open and ready to attend to you. Call us today to let our recovery specialists develop a personalized plan for you for substance and alcohol addiction.

90210 Recovery is intended as an intensive program for people seeking drug abuse assistance. This program is special because it is not a part of a general program, but rather it is an independent program with separate groups of counseling and residential experience.

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