Why Travel To California For Addiction Treatment

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Addiction treatment is a big problem, and the only reason for you to go all the way to California for treatment is because of the treatment quality. Many drug addiction patients spend so much time and money to free themselves from drugs. In California, there are several drug addiction treatment centers that have helped many people get back to their lives. However, all the credit cannot go to these institutions because even the patients contribute much towards the treatment. In California, most addiction treatment centers use the required procedure to attend to their patients. If you are thinking about making it to California for addiction treatment, here is what you need to know:

Residential vs. Stay Home Addiction Treatment

Typically, a drug addict patient can be handled in two ways. They can either get admitted to a rehabilitation center or, have a therapist visit them at their homes. Depending on the degree of addiction, the expats know the kind of patients that will do better in residential rehab centers. At these healing centers, patients are guided towards achieving their freedom from drugs and substance abuse under stringent monitoring. Basically, patients who get admitted to rehab centers are those whose addiction levels are severe. In California rehabilitation centers are strategically located in favorable environments like Beverly Hills. These are places with a quiet atmosphere to enhance recovery

Drug addicts who receive treatments from their homes are not so different from the ones at a rehab. The only thing that sets them apart is, admitted patients are in a controlled environment. However, the treatment process is almost the same, and they include;


When dealing with drug addiction, the first step is always to relieve the addict from the toxins in the body. This is done using particular medications that will condition the body of the patient to excrete any toxin substance in the body. According to doctors, detoxification is usually the hardest part because the patient can start experiencing intensive withdrawal side effects. Therefore, some patients even have to be put under sedatives during this phase of treatment to prevent them from getting agitated.

Therapy Sessions

Here the patient gets to meet up with a therapist several times so that they can be monitored and guided. The work of a therapist usually is to study the patient by asking some questions and taking note of how they answer and behave. The therapist also helps the patients to note the significant changes that are taking place in a patient’s life ever since they decided to do away with substance abuse.

Recovery Groups

These are quite popular and equally helpful. Recovery groups are made up of patients suffering from the same drug addiction problem. Usually, there is no definite number of members recommended for recovery groups; however, there must be a therapist among the patient. It is although essential to understand that these therapists don’t participate in the activities in the group. What they do is set the motion and allow the patients to go deeper into discussing them and coming up with solutions. In California, recovery groups conducted by various institutions have changed the lives of many people. Note that some recovery groups are free while others are paid for, especially if a rehabilitation center is offering them.


As time progresses, a recovering drug addict will get back to his or her senses slowly. This is the best time for them to learn about the world, including how to relate to people. Drug addiction can be adverse to the extent that an addict can end up spoiling the excellent relationship they have with their friends and family. When this happens, it often leads to them being secluded because they are tamed as not usual. During recovery aftercare, recovering patients are taught how they can make peace where they once caused trouble. Another importance of aftercare is that it helps the patient to fight relapse.

Rehabilitation Centers in California Offer a Start to Recovery

Although some of the best addiction recovery centers are in California, keep in mind that a recovering patient can quickly go back to addiction due to relapse. As a patient or guardian to the patient, you will want to try and avoid any possible triggers that can lead the patient back to drugs. In some situations, a recovering drug addict can be moved to a different location to prevent any access to the drugs. Note that some people end up getting addicted to a prescription-only because they can access it.

Get Help at Our Luxury Rehab in Southern California

Now that you have understood the benefits of going to California for drug addiction recovery, it is also good to acknowledge a few things. Firstly there are some excellent rehabilitation services in your location that can be trusted to deliver outstanding results. However, identifying them is never easy plus, some centers will only look good on the outside but lack the necessary facilities to enhance recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, don’t be afraid to contact us! 90210 Recovery is always available to help to provide you the best of the best in addiction treatment.