Why Aftercare Is So Important For Maintaining Long Term Sobriety

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For those who are looking to break free from the bonds of addiction, it is crucial to ask for help from the professionals. There is an entire sector of the healthcare industry dedicated to helping people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Asking for help is a great first step and many people end up starting the road to recovery in an inpatient facility. Some people might go to a partial hospitalization program. These treatment programs are a great time to evaluate someone’s thoughts and behavior patterns, trying to find the root cause of that urge to drink or use drugs in the first place. Once someone has gained sobriety, this is a great victory. At the same time, it is critical to avoid relapse. In order to stay sober, someone has to have an aftercare plan in place. This program is designed to help someone return to their daily routine with the level of support that is needed to remain sober.

What is an Aftercare Plan?

For those who might not know, aftercare is the term used to describe a plan that has been tailored to someone’s unique, individual needs after the first phase of treatment has finished and someone is now sober. This plan is put in place to help someone navigate the waters of solo recovery without having someone look over their shoulder constantly. Many professionals and experts in the field have stressed that this plan is of critical importance for helping someone stay sober. It is important to remember that addiction is a rampant disease and relapse can happen at any time. Urges and triggers are going to exist in society, as will access. In order for someone to stay in a form of long-term remission from addiction, an aftercare plan is necessary.

What Goes Into an Aftercare Plan?

Anyone who is looking to come up with an aftercare plan is going to need to address several components in order to complete this plan. Medical professionals and rehab programs can help someone come up with an aftercare plan that has been tailored to meet their needs. Some of the important components of a plan include:

  • A stable job that is going to help someone provide for themselves and their family members without causing them to slip into relapse
  • Legal assistance for those who might need it, particularly if they were arrested, charged, or convicted of any criminal offenses related to their addiction
  • Assistance with education if someone needs help improving their ability to land a job
  • Further educational resources that can help someone understand the basis of their addiction and the potential triggers that might lead to a relapse
  • Safe housing, if this is not already available to someone who is leaving the primary phase of treatment for addiction
  • Some form of outpatient care and counseling that can allow someone to access ongoing treatment that will help them remain sober
  • Further medical care for any medical problems, including any mental health issues, that might have developed as a complication of addiction
  • New hobbies and activities that promote a healthy, safe atmosphere and will improve someone’s overall level of enjoyment

Often, these resources are already in place for someone who is leaving a primary treatment program. They simply need to be defined. On the other hand, some people might not have any of these resources in place. Healthcare professionals and religious groups can play a role in helping someone set up these resources.

Stick to the Aftercare Plan

Once the plan is in place, people need to make sure they stick to it. There is a saying that all plans are easy to stick to until something goes wrong. On the other hand, that is exactly why these plans are in place. They are meant to help someone survive contact with regular society where temptations, urges, and access are going to be everywhere. Everyone needs to know where to turn to and who to ask for help if they need it. If the plan needs to be altered are adjusted after it has been written, this can be done. All anyone ever needs to do is ask.

Rely on the Professionals for Assistance with Addiction Treatment and Sobriety

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