Medical Detox: The Benefits And Why It’s So Important

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Drug dependence is a result of changes in your brain function caused by extreme substance abuse. Your brain adapts to the changes in chemical functions as a coping mechanism that compensates for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol by developing tolerance. This means that due to the changes in the brain, you need larger doses of the substance in order to achieve the same effect a smaller dose once produced, but as you increase usage, your brain will continue to change the way it works in order to maintain function. So, when you stop using the substance, brain functions rebound, causing withdrawal symptoms. Before continuing with addiction treatment, you must go through detox, which is the process of alleviating the substance from your brain and your body. Medical detox for drug addiction helps to control the withdrawal symptoms and make the process of detoxing more tolerable, allowing you to get through the detox and begin addiction treatment.

Improves Safety

It’s common for people to think that it will be more comfortable to detox at home, but withdrawing from drugs and/or alcohol is extremely uncomfortable and it can be dangerous, even life-threatening. Medical detox for a drug addiction helps to prevent the physical risks associated with detoxing, such as seizures, increased heart rate, hallucinations and a change in blood pressure. The symptoms of detox can last from only a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the drug addiction. Medical detox means you will have a 24-hour observation of your symptoms, including those that may need medical intervention.

Psychological and Physical Health

Drug addiction takes a toll on your physical and psychological health. Medical detox helps to improve your physical health by addressing your need for nutrition, hydration, deficiencies in essential vitamins and medical intervention; all of which can have a significant impact as well as slow down your recovery. Medical interventions will help with comfort, which ultimately helps to improve your psychological health by establishing a positive attitude, positive thoughts, and monitored emotions. Detoxing without medical assistance can be extremely risky and may increase the risk of relapse. The withdrawal symptoms of detoxing can be overwhelming both physically and psychologically, medical detox helps to reduce these symptoms.

Improves Wellbeing and Comfort

One of the best benefits of medical detox is that it helps to improve your comfort while detoxing. It is common for those who are attempting to detox on their own to relapse in order to stop their discomfort, which can be extremely uncomfortable. During medical detox, the medications that are used will decrease the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, which allows you to detox successfully and focus your attention on addressing the addiction and continue with addiction treatment. The symptoms of detoxing can have a significant effect on your sense of wellbeing. The detoxing process may leave you feeling miserable, which makes it difficult to see the end results. A benefit of medical detox is that the medications and other therapies help to improve your sense of wellbeing.

Decreased Risk of Relapse and Overdose

Detoxing on your own makes it extremely difficult to get through the withdrawal symptoms, which increases your risk of relapse. As soon as you stop consuming the drugs and/or alcohol at the frequency that you were previously using, your body will immediately start to lose the tolerance that it developed during the frequent use. This means your body will become more sensitive to the substance of choice than when you were using it regularly. When your tolerance decreases, there is a greater risk of overdose, because your body cannot handle the dosage it was previously accustomed to. Since there is a high risk of relapse when detoxing on your own, it is common to attempt to relieve the symptoms by using the dosage you used prior to attempting detox, which significantly increases the risk of overdose. Those who seek medical assistance with their detoxing typically have a higher rate of success, primarily because of the available support available during the detox as well as their addiction treatment.

Medical detox is beneficial for helping the brain safely return to its normal functioning. Once the drugs are out of your body, the brain will rebound to its natural, healthy functioning, which means you will no longer need the drugs and/or alcohol to feel “normal”. Once you complete the detox process, you can begin the addiction treatment process.

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