How Is COVID-19 Affecting the Opioid Epidemic?

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When the WHO declared COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, a pandemic, people were shocked. Here was a silent killer that had crept into the homes of millions and killed hundreds of thousands. Yet, it is not the first to have had such a dramatic impact on the lives and well-being of so many. The opioid epidemic was already here and making its mark. These two deadly issues, one being an epidemic and the other a pandemic, have intersected to create an even more dangerous combination of the two. How is COVID-10 affecting the opioid epidemic? Let’s take a closer look.

The Dark Side of Social Isolation

Addiction is often looked at as a “disease” caused by feeling isolated from the rest of the world. With social distancing in full effect in many places around the country, those who have already felt isolated and turned to opiates now feel even more so. The result of all the social distancing and lockdown measures has been devastating on people seeking treatment for their opiate addictions. Essentially all services and treatments have become disrupted. Even getting clean needles has become near-impossible. This has led to fewer addicts getting the help and support they need.

Steps Taken to Help Addicts

Those struggling with opiate addiction thankfully have been given a lifeline by the government. Some regulations have been relaxed. For instance, clinics are now allowed to provide up to a 28-day supply to addicts deemed “stable” so that they can stick to social distancing guidelines and stay safe. Additionally, the government has made it easier to get buprenorphine prescriptions. Going even further, it has allowed for prescriptions of the drug to be given over the phone.

Addiction Rates Are Climbing

While the opioid crisis is called an epidemic, it has taken the lives of more people than the coronavirus pandemic. Poverty and unemployment have already previously been linked to higher opiate use. Unfortunately, the number of people filing for unemployment is near 30 million, which has increased the potential for a devastating uptick in opioid addictions and deaths. As the economy continues to be affected by the economic shutdown, opioid use is expected to continue rising for some time.

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