Five Signs That Rehab is Needed for Addiction

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Drug abuse and addiction are among the most significant problems facing individuals, families, and the healthcare system. It is critical for people to know where to turn for help. One of the most important resources that people struggling with addiction have at their disposal is rehab. Of course, there are many people who don’t want to go to rehab. Some people have false impressions that rehab is similar to being in jail. Other people may believe that rehab won’t help them fix their problems. These are simply not true. There are certain signs that everyone should be familiar with that show rehab is necessary. Understanding these signs will help everyone to know when help from professionals is required.

Drug Use is the Sole Focus

Everyone has pulled on their time and resources throughout the day. People have to go to work to provide for themselves and their families. People need to spend time with their loved ones. At the same time, those who have a serious drug problem will be willing to place drug use above all of these other, more significant, obligations. Individuals who have a problem with addiction might start making up lies to get out of work functions in order to feed their addiction. These same lies will be used to get out of personal obligations as well. These lies are an important sign that drug use is progressing and that professional assistance is required. Activities and interests that used to bring someone enjoyment will be placed on the back burner as people, instead, spend their valuable time and resources feeding their addiction. This is a sign that rehab is required.

One’s Health is Starting to Go Downhill

Another important sign that someone needs rehab is that their health is suffering. Drugs and alcohol can bring with them terrible side effects. Alcohol use can damage the liver, leading to jaundice and encephalopathy. Depending on the type of drug that someone is using, prolonged drug use can damage the lungs, heart, brain, and kidneys. If someone is using these substances to the point that their health is starting to suffer, this means that rehab is needed. If this is not addressed quickly, someone’s health will only continue to get worse. Poor health can make it hard for someone to go to work on a daily basis. It might get in the way of someone’s ability to provide for their family. For this reason, anyone whose drug use is starting to have an impact on their health needs to seek out the help of a professional rehab facility.

The Amount Required is Going Up

A side effect of prolonged drug use is called tolerance. This happens when someone requires more of the drug to achieve the same effects. Over time, the body gets used to whatever is placed in it. This includes drugs. At first, someone might have only needed a small amount of the drug to get high. After a while, the amount needed starts to go up. This is a sign that tolerance is developing. It is also a sign that someone needs to go to rehab. Tolerance is dangerous because it makes it more likely that someone is going to overdose.

One’s Mental Health is Starting to Suffer

As people continue to use drugs, mental health problems are going to start to develop. Sometimes, these problems develop as a complication of drug use. The drugs are starting to damage someone’s brain, leading to psychosis. At the same time, these drugs can also lead to depression in other ways. Prolonged drug use can destroy someone’s personal and professional lives. It is understandable that this might lead to depression. Anyone who is developing a mental illness needs to go to rehab.

Prior Attempts to Quit Have Failed

Finally, one of the biggest signs that rehab is needed is that someone has tried to quit repeatedly yet has failed. It is hard to quit an addiction to drugs. It is even harder to do this alone. That is where there is an entire sector of healthcare dedicated to helping people break free from addiction. There is no shame in asking for help. There are plenty of resources available. All anyone has to do is be willing to ask for help.

Trust the Professionals for Help with Addiction Treatment

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