Bethlehem drug and alcohol rehab programUnfortunately, as with many other cities and communities in the Lehigh Valley area, Bethlehem has a drug problem. According to in 2016, 13 people died daily from an overdose statewide. The number is reported to have gone up the following year. Lehigh County and Northampton County, had an average of 1.5 and 1.7 per 10000 residents respectively report for substance-abuse related causes.

Thankfully, drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, are helping mitigate the high rate of addiction and potential overdose cases.

The drugs frequently abused in Bethlehem, PA, include Fentanyl, which is often laced with other illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. Other drugs include codeine, meth, Adderal, hydrocodone, Ativan and Subutex, and alcohol.

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, you are not alone. The state’s substance abuse statistics highlight the need for drug rehab centers in Bethlehem and beyond. By seeking treatment in 90210 Recovery for yourself or a loved one, you can break the cycle of addiction and escape from drugs and alcohol.

 Local Addiction Treatment Resources in Bethlehem

Bethlehem treatment centersLocal treatment centers provide you with the convenience of proximity to your home, which is great if you will be using an outpatient or partial treatment plan. There are, however, several limitations to this plan. First, these treatment options require you to spend more days at the treatment facility to achieve standard treatment.

Secondly, local rehab centers in Bethlehem, PA, leave you exposed to the same environment that have contributed to your drug addiction in the first place. This means you are closer to triggers that could see you backslide.  Such exposure increases the risk of relapse or even quitting treatment altogether.

Traveling for rehabilitation means enrolling in a residential treatment option. 90210 Recovery, you can access all the necessary facilities and more. We tailor your treatment to your needs, which we determine after extensive examination and assessments. As a result, your treatment takes a shorter time. More importantly, you are away from factors that would hinder your recovery.

Treatment Approaches In Bethlehem Drug Treatment Centers

Bethlehem inpatient drug rehab programsWhile every patient is given a customized treatment plan after examination and observation, the core objective of our rehabilitation program is to provide you with a holistic treatment that is backed by evidence of its effectiveness.

The first step is usually detox, which we provide in our facility under medical supervision. Detox helps your body cleanse itself of the toxins found in drugs and prepares you for the recovery journey. While a variety of withdrawal symptoms usually accompany detox, we help you cope without derailing your treatment program.
Another essential part of our treatment plans is your education. This part covers various aspects of your wellbeing. First, we establish the underlying reasons behind your drug abuse and train you in how to manage them. You will learn how addiction resets your brain and why you struggle to quit, what your triggers are, and how best to avoid them. We will also provide you with ample resources to help you learn and develop self-care and self-control.

The final part of our program is arranging for your care once you leave our facility. Our aftercare plans involve collaboration with local facilities near you, scheduling weekly check-ins with your counselor, and arranging for you to attend drug abuse recovery meetings.

Don’t let the common obstacles that keep people from enrolling in rehab stop you or your loved one from getting the help you need. Start the journey to recovery today by calling 90210 Recocory  and learning how we can help you.

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