Austintown drug addiction treatmentOur team’s mission is to lead our customers and their families to a better life than what they had before coming to our program. Our outpatient rehab in Austintown and our hospital rehab are working towards this goal.

A substance use disorder has a variety of issues, such as depression, terror, desperation, loss of self-worth and a terrible potential outlook. In addition to the alcohol or substance abuse they seek support, consumers struggle with family issues, legal problems, health problems and many others.

Individuals and families are actively seeking a solution to what appears to be an unsolvable issue. A road to build a better life exists.

 Drug Addiction Data in Austintown, Ohio

The number of overdose deaths in Ohio was second in 2016 in the USA. The eleventh highest overdose deaths in the state were in the county of Mahoning. In 2018 alone, an opioid overdose resulted in 99 confirmed deaths. The ages of 30 to 39 years are the age group most impacted and 32% are female.

Fentanyl was the most prevalent of all substances which have been reported in 2018 as leading to death, detected in 26% of individual systems. This is followed by 20 percent cocaine and 11 percent by prescription drugs. This data shows that a fentanyl epidemic has replaced the crisis of prescription drugs. It has been documented that cocaine , heroin and other drugs are cut in the area of Austintown.

Fentanyl Addiction in Austintown

Fentanyl is a major issue in Ohio, with overdoses specifically rising in the County of Mahoning. Mixing this drug with cocaine is a huge problem because of the nature of fentanyl, a major risk to the society. Cocaine is dependent and dangerous, but not as rapid as opiates in disrupting the body’s use of extreme substances. Fentanyl is extremely addictive but also moderately toxic, leading to small doses of overdose.

 Outpatient Drug Rehab in Austintown, Ohio

Drug use is a chronic condition and therefore a standard of treatment is practiced. This means you will need different types of treatment depending on the nature of your addiction. Most people therefore need long-term advice and care in order to resolve this huge obstacle. You can learn to handle symptoms and monitor your life while you are in an outpatient recovery program.

Clients normally spend 1-2 hours a week on counseling and undergo a mix of group therapy, personal counselling, MAT and behavioral therapy.

Substance Use Counseling Program

In the past, people believed detox was the solution for dependency. The mental health threshold was still way too high, leading to masses ignoring problems like anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

We now know that detox is only the start of therapy. Purging a drug or alcohol system makes them able to be cared for. It does not however change the negative attitudes and emotions that make them addictive. The therapy for substance abuse allows an individual to understand himself and his own future.

 Medically Monitored Detox

Detox controlled medically

Drug and Detox treatment programs in Austintown Detoxification is required if a person shows severe withdrawal symptoms or has the potential to use drugs again. Removal from alcohol and some drugs can pose a life threat. Moreover, many individuals experience non-life-threatening symptoms, but they are so uncomfortable that drug use is required for a false sense of well-being. This also stops alcoholics from searching for recovery.

Medically controlled detoxification can alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and ensure safe detoxing that allows the customer to continue treatment without further withdrawal. Heroin and other opiates may be detoxified by the suboxone doctors if applicable. 

The stay is normally four days in our detox facility. The assessment and the recovery process and the transition to continued involvement in the short-term treatment program starts during the detox phase.

Inpatient or Residential Drug Rehab in Austintown

Inpatient drug treatment in AustintownAt 90210 Recovery center, we have several treatment facilities that offer residential services for men and women who are struggling with substance use disorders and support those seeking more extensive treatment in order to resolve drug addiction. 

This form of residential treatment involves many measures aimed at facilitating cure and enabling rehabilitation. This level of treatment is supplemented by trained recovery experts who understand the needs of people with addiction and co-occurring mental disorders and are available 24 hours a day to help, promote and provide advice when finding the path to a sober life.

Start Recovery Today

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