Drug Addiction Treatment and Medical Detoxification Services in Akron

Drug abuse in Akron is on the rise, but many people don’t realize just how dangerous it can be, both to the person using and the people who care about them. If you are looking for the perfect addiction treatment solution for you or your family member, 90210 Recovery has the answers to your problems.

Akron Drug Rehab and Treatment Cente

Our Akron Drug Rehab Programs include:

  • Medical Detox 
  • Inpatient Residential Treatment
  • Therapy 
  • Outdoor activities
  • Aftercare and Alumni Community programs

Finding Effective Drug Addiction Treatment in Akron

Once individuals realize that they have a drug addiction problem, the next step should be seeking professional help since it is not easy to overcome addiction alone. Many people who try to overcome their addiction independently without help and support are prone to failure. 

Research done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that this is not entirely unusual. As a matter of fact, most solo attempts at detox and recovery are fruitless. This is why medical drug addiction treatment is essential.

Recovering from drug addiction is not an easy task. It will take a substantial amount of determination and self-restraint to achieve and maintain long-term recovery. 

However, at our Akron drug rehab centers, we ensure that you never walk alone on this journey. In the rehabilitation process, you will bond with other people in recovery who can understand what you are going through.

Additionally, you may have the support of your loved ones who have your best interests at heart during this time.Your recovery from drug addiction will be determined by the amount of effort you put into the process. 

Inpatient Residential Rehab

Our inpatient residential rehabs provide sheltered treatment programs tailored to address all aspects of a patient’s problem. In residential rehab, patients live in a drug-free environment and get around-the-clock monitoring and care, and therapeutic support.

Inpatient rehab is a live-in treatment center where patients reside for various period lengths during treatment depending on their program. The typical inpatient rehab period is 30 days, but most addiction treatment facilities offer longer programs of 60 to 90 days.

The length of the treatment period depends on several factors, such as the severity of the addiction, co-occurring mental health conditions, and whether the patient has had a relapse before. Our inpatient centers provide programs where the patient’s family members participate in family counseling and other bonding activities. 

This program offers the opportunity to mend broken trust and dysfunctional relationships or dynamics that could cause a relapse. Families can play an important role in the patient’s recovery by encouraging and supporting their loved ones.

Medical drug addiction treatment is essential in one’s recovery

Inpatient rehab programs are the best choice for people dealing with chronic addiction and those suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Trying to sober up on your own is not only dangerous but is also very likely to result in a relapse. The 90210 inpatient addiction treatment centers offer a nestled environment where you will receive all the medical care you require and emotional support to overcome drug abuse.

Our Akron drug rehab treatment programs offer the support and professional guidance needed to overcome drug addiction. Our drug treatment programs comprise comprehensive assessment, which helps us tailor a personalized treatment plan to suit each patient’s needs. Since we understand that all our patients are different, we provide individualized treatment plans depending on the length of time the user has been on drugs and other mental factors.

The patient's family's involvement can play an important role in the patient’s recovery by encouraging and supporting their loved one.

Medical detoxification is a process in which toxic substances are purged from the body. This treatment option helps a recovering drug user purge the drug out of their system and help recover their health, happiness, and well-being. 

When an individual becomes dependent on drugs, the brain functioning changes and the user experiences issues such as nausea and vomiting, hallucinations, anxiety, and loss of appetite. Detox helps the brain regain its normal functioning while under the care of medical practitioners. 

This medical team is there around the clock to administer prescription medications, if necessary, to help ease the severity of withdrawal symptoms and shorten the length of the detox process.

Once the detox process is over, a competent drug addiction treatment program will provide a range of conservative and other substitute treatments and therapy to help a person overcome their dependence on drugs. 

The underlying mental or emotional elements that pushed a person to drug abuse should be dealt with in-depth for that individual to have hope of long-term sobriety. Dealing with those hidden issues from the roots lets a patient develop approaches and coping mechanisms to re-immerse themselves into the real world without the risk of relapse.

The first step to recovery is realizing that you need help. The second step is reaching out to us at 90210 Recovery, where our professional team is waiting to welcome you with open arms and walk you through the treatment process. Feel free to contact us at our Akron Drug Rehab Centers, where all your questions will be answered.

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